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The Fridge of a Non-Drinker

A Look In My Fridge

I wrote an earlier blog post about prepping for my dry year, a lot of which involved my fridge. As I enter my third month of being booze-free, I’m reminded that my fridge still plays a large part in staying dry. So, I thought I’d share a status update on behalf of my refrigerator, and what she holds.

  1. CBD Water: As a reminder, my dry year is about being alcohol free.I bring this up as some in the sober community stick to the abstinence mentality, and that works for them. I live in a state that has legalized Cannabis, which leaves a lot of CBD-infused options within my purchasing power. All that considered, CBD does not contain THC and it is not psychoactive. So, CBD water is a great way to wind down after a long day, often taking the place of what used to be a glass of wine for me. I notice a difference in my mood and my anxiety levels after partaking in CBD water and I’ve noticed physical changes as well, such as inflammation decrease. The beauty of a CBD water is that it's portable, delicious, often low or no-cal and available at my corner shop.

  2. NA Beer: I like beer, but I don’t like what it does to my body. I worked in the beer biz years ago, and I eventually left the job as I was struggling to keep up with the drinking the business demanded. The beauty of the beer business is innovation, and that applies to the NA world as well. There are new NA beers popping up all over, available as locally as my local grocery and as broad as my city’s sports stadium. There are delicious collaborations, and mocktail recipes using NA beer which creates another layer of deliciousness to partake in. The best part of NA beer? No bloat! As NA beer uses less grain in their recipes, I don’t feel the same physical impact. It’s also typically a low-calorie option, and if I want more ‘beer-like’ flavor, I look for a higher calorie NA beer.

  3. Sparkling NA Wine: I love Sundays, and I used to like them even more as it was brunch day and brunch meant an excuse to drink champagne starting earlier in the day. However, those early champagne starts always led to earlier booze-induced headaches. This shouldn’t be a surprise as there is evidence that carbonated boozy drinks can lead to faster alcohol absorption (source). Through my dry year discovery process, I’ve tried a lot of NA wines. Opinions aside, I’ve found that almost every NA winemaker makes a decent sparkling wine, regardless of how good/bad their other NA wines may be. This means that I can enjoy all of the sparkle and none of the hangover. It's also a fun way to stay in the mix when I bring a bottle to a dinner with friends. Who doesn’t love the pop of a cork?

  4. Tonics: I used to have my tonic exclusively mixed with Gin, but my dry year has expanded my definition of tonic. I’ve discovered a whole genre of beverages designed to integrate herbs into my system via delicious beverages. There are lots of options, and lots of ailments that tonics can soothe. For example, I’ve added a ginger-based tonic to my routine to help with digestion and a hibiscus-mint infused one to help me wind down. You can even make your own drinking tonic using shrub, which I talk about in another blog post. The best part, I can easily pour a sparkling tonic in a fancy glass and get some of the same effects that I used to get when pouring myself a cocktail.

There are always new items rotating in my fridge, but I’ve found myself making sure these 4 items are always well stocked. Check out my Instagram for specific brands I love.

Stay Dry,

Buttercup (and my fridge)

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