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Explanation Needed

When I started telling people that I’d be embarking upon a dry year, I wasn’t shocked by the responses of “why”, or “what happened?’. I found a way to explain that I wanted to remove the space that booze had planted in my life to open room for something else to flourish. That seemed to answer the initial questions, at least for the first month.

I'm now embarking on month two of my dry year, and I’m kind of surprised by the continued questioning and even more surprised that the questions remain the same. I spent some time reading through similar experiences from my fellow sober curious bloggers, and I loved that there was consistency across the suggestions for handling the questioning that comes along with going dry. My takeaway is that there are three types of responders, and three ways to respond to questions about going dry.

  1. None of Your Business: Guess what, not every question warrants a response! I read an article about a fellow sober curious crew member who lied to a nosy server about being pregnant when asked (incessantly) why she wasn’t drinking. This blew my mind! Strangers (especially nosy ones) and those not supporting your mission don’t always deserve an answer. So feel free to use the old “That’s a personal question” response and move on.

  2. A Thoughtful Response: Some people like to learn, so they ask questions. Fill them in on your ‘why’ and spark some interesting conversations that may further add to your, and maybe even their journey to discover all that life has to offer.

  3. Spark Some Fomo: Some people are going to ask as they are curious about your experience, and maybe even want to try it themselves. I’ve found this group of question-askers to be the majority, especially as the sober curious movement expands. I’ve taken to responding to these types of questions with health changes, mood improvements, mocktail recommendations and all that the dry year has brought me so far. Spark some FOMO in your sober curious friends by telling them all that a dry year has to offer!

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