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What is The Dry Year?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I’ve been hungover for most of the past decade. I’m in my mid-thirties, and when I think about the last ten years, it's been mainly a cycle of rage, recovery and repetition. I wasn’t always a big drinker though. I rarely drank in High School, attended the occasional party in college and spent my early 20’s in the corporate rat race where there was simply no time to be hungover. Once I established myself enough to spend the occasional evening out, I went big. In my mid-twenties I was the leader of Vegas binge weekends, wine tasting trips, bottle service in likely get it. Eventually, I got bored of the need to impress, and transitioned to happy hours on rotation and nightly wine downs to put me to sleep. I spent most of my career in sales roles, where drinking was a part of the work culture and FOMO meant that I rarely said “no”. This led to a situation where drinking was involved in almost every part of my life, and it was starting to drive my decision making.

Then COVID hit and I was drinking more, and for no real reason. There were no events, no business travel and like many, drinking started to take a larger hold on my free time. So, I decided to regain control by breaking up with booze for one year. This blog is primarily about accountability for me as I know myself well enough to know that if I tell people I’m doing something, I’m more likely to achieve it. Thanks in advance for your readership as it is keeping me on track. I look forward to seeing how and if things change when I cut booze out for 365 days and I’ll be starting my dry year day one on my birthday. Let’s see what happens when we break up with booze. #soberupbuttercup

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