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Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared

Well, I did it, I’ve officially been dry for over one week!I often think of goals in small chunks, as in, “If I’m running 10 miles and I’m 2 miles in, I just need to do that 4 more times”. Unfortunately, I’m at a stage where thinking about 51 more sober weekends is daunting, but I’m still up for the task. So, let me fill you in on my top takeaways from week one of #thedryyear.

  1. Be Prepared: I knew that preparation was important going into my dry year, but I was surprised at the levels of preparedness I’d need. For example, I knew to stock up on booze-free alternatives like sparkling waters and licorice (my other vice), and I was armed with a list of local bars and restaurants with good booze free options. However, I was unprepared to know what to do when my well-laid plans fell flat. For example, I went to a sporting event and successfully avoided pounding a canned wine, as was my typical goal-celebration ceremony. Riding my wave of success, I decided I was ok to go to one of the bars on my list. However, when I was informed that the bar had just run out of the CBD water I’d so carefully researched, I panicked and I left the bar.

  1. Be Really Prepared: So, this first sober weekend was preempted by a well planned Therapy session. Just by chance, I switched mental health providers a few weeks prior to starting my dry year, so my first session with the new Therapist was my first dry day. They did my intake, and asked me what was happening that day/weekend. I told them about my dry year, and how I was preparing for the weekend. They applauded my preparation, but also reminded me of the old proverb “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. I nodded dutifully, but it did not truly sink in until I’d experienced it first hand.

“So they ran out of CBD water, big deal.” That’s what I told myself as I walked home feeling ashamed and anxious that I may not be able to handle 51 more weekends where my plans to stay dry were made more difficult than planned. However, I think that’s where this all started, meaning, what will the next 51 dry weekends bring? This week-one of my dry year taught me that drunk or dry, the bar doesn’t always have your favorite drink and that’s just fine.


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