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A Booze Free Bar Cart: The Staples

I started my dry year for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is that it’s a really good excuse to try lots of alcohol-free alternatives. I want to live in a world where I can make an in-the-moment decision about whether or not I want a drink with or without alcohol. That starts by knowing what’s out there, and then learning what I like.

Today, there are over 70 brands in the alcohol-free space, and that number grows daily. That can be a daunting number for those new to alcohol-free living and trying to determine how to stock your dry bar. Fortunately, my dedication to dry drinks has enlightened me to the staples of an alcohol-free bar cart.

Here’s The Dry Year’s Alcohol-Free Bar Cart Staples:

Clear Spirits

Brown Spirits

Liqueur & Aperitif:


Syrups, Shrubs, Bitters & Garnishes

As with any bar cart, you choose your staples based on what you like to drink. For example, if you like the brightness of juniper that you associate with gin, pick a clear spirit with the same flavor profile. Read the ingredients and look for flavors you recognize and enjoy. Remember, many booze-free brands have designed spirits with unique flavor profiles, not copying alcoholic spirits, instead creating their own genre.

Exploring the booze-free beverage space is a fun way to celebrate your dry life and share it with others. Share your alcohol-free bar cart staples in the comments below.

XO, Buttercup

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