Dry Year Partners

This is how we do it.

The Van Knauff Group: consulting the Seattle scene on how to make a badass dry bar, event or menu

The dry year was designed to learn and share what it means to be booze free. Check out the partner group below for more info about making your bar or restaurant a place where the sober curious come to be served.


Help Launch KAMP Bar and Restaurant

Seattle's Most Inclusive Space

Help to launch an inclusive space for the sober curious to feel included and served. What to expect?

You walk into KAMP. While waiting for the host, you notice the table to your left sipping on alcohol-free cocktails while the party gabs about their latest drag performance and what's to come next weekend. The table next to them is tossing back while watching the U.S. Men's National Soccer team completely destroy England in group stage. The local gal gang has taken over the back table to discuss the latest lesbian speed dating event they want to host at KAMP. Outside, a family enjoys dinner while their dog meets and greets the couple sitting next to them who recently relocated to the neighborhood. This is the experience you can expect when you walk into KAMP.


The Van Knauff Group

Our Partner for Alcohol Free Bar Consulting

This team's focus on creating an optimal guest experience is why we chose them as partners for NA bar consulting. Going dry doesn't have to be boring, being sober and social is attainable. This group gets it, and we recommend them for any Non-Alcoholic consulting.